BIS BISS Multi Ch. Lake Park Collen

BIS BISS Multi Ch. Lake Park Collen

Owner: Maclalon Kennel - María Clara, Lina e Juan Guillermo Londoño (Colômbia)

Junior Brazilian Champion
Brazilian Champion
Great Brazilian Champion
Colombian Champion
Great Colombian Champion
Pan-American Champion
Great Pan-American Champion
International Champion

Campaign in USA:
Judge Mr. Edward M. Gilbert Jr. - Best of Winners (1 point)
Judge Mrs. Patricia H. Gilbert - Best of Winners (1 point)
Judge Mr. David L. Hiltz - Best of Breed (1 point)
Judge Mr. Kent H. Delaney - Best of Winners (5 points)

Campaign in Colombia:
#1 Basset Hound in Colombia – 2006
#1 Basset Hound, #1 Group and #6 All-breed Dog – 2005

1 X BIS1     2 X BIS2     2 X BIS3     
15 X BIG1     11 X BIG2           
26 X BOB                 

Campaign in Brazil:
#1 All-breed Dog in Distrito Federal 2003 - Brasiliense Cup
#4 Basset Hound in Brazil 2004 - Ranking by Breed DogShow

1 X BIS2     1 X BIS3           

2 X BIS3     1 X BIS4           
14 X BIG1     9 X BIG2     8 X BIG3     
19 X BOB     13 X BOS           




Brasil Nascimento 09/10/2002




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