Apresentação The affinity of Luciana and her husband Leonir with animals, especially dogs, comes from childhood. However, the acquisition in 1999 of a female named Fefê (Ch. Park Melody Erotic Design) aroused an immense love for the breed Basset Hound. Fefê was the winner of numerous breeds, groups and finals of the shows, leading her owner to be interested also by breeding. Thus, in 2000, the kennel Lake Park was registered, with the aim of improving each time more the breed and give visibility to these so friendly dogs.

To breed successful a breed, besides being an art, requires much study and especially great dedication. And with the passing of years, the entire team Lake Park effort has been recognized. Titles as the Best Breeder of Basset Hound in Brazil (Official Ranking CBKC), obtained in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 (16 years), demonstrate the excellence of the bloodline present in the dogs of Lake Park.


In addition, Lake Park has already exported more than 100 Basset Hounds to 25 different countries. These bassets have won more than one hundred titles abroad. Currently there are champions Lake Park in Germany, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Guatemala, Hungary, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, Uruguay and USA. All this confirms the quality present in the lineage Lake Park.

The Lake Park, since its foundation, participates in cynophile events both in Brazil and abroad, because we believe that the result of our work must be shown. The first Best in Show (the best dog in show among all breeds) of the kennel was won by the Multi Champion Lake Park Anna, in 2003. Nowadays, the Lake Park has already over 180 Best in Shows obtained with the dogs of its breeding, as well as many winners of specialized shows in Brazil and abroad.

ApresentaçãoJust to mention some of achievements by kennel, in 2004, Amanda (Multi BIS BISS Ch. Lake Park Amanda), in addition to gaining numerous titles, won 7 Best in Shows, 9 Best in Show-2 and various placements at the finals of shows, becoming the first and only female of the breed Great National Winner. Amanda returned to the ring in the following year to become the Best Basset Hound in Brazil and the Best Dog of Group VI in 2005. She totaled 50 placements at finals of shows, being 10 Best in Shows and 20 Best in Show-2. Furthermore, she won consecutively the specialized shows of Brasilia in the years 2004 and 2005. Amanda owns the incredible brand of being 101 times chosen as Best of Breed and 81 times as the Best of Group VI. All these achievements conceptualize her as the greatest female winner in the history of the breed in Brazil.

ApresentaçãoAnother sucess was the Grand National Winner BIS & BISS Multi Ch. Lake Park Thor, that holds the record of Best in Shows in Brazil in his time (43 in total: 28 obtained at 9-month campaign in 2010 and 15 more in his limited 2011 campaign). Thor finished 2010 as the #1 Basset Hound, Best dog of Group VI and 7th Best dog all breeds of Brazil. In 2011 Thor returned to competitions to shine in Brazil and Argentina. He finished the year 2011 as the #1 Basset Hound of Brazil, Best Dog of the Group VI, 5th Best Dog all-breed in the Country and 3rd Best Dog from National Breeding. Thor won 186 times the Best of Breed, 163 times the Best in Group and 143 placements at finals of shows (43 times he was Best in Show). Thor also won all the six specialized shows of the breed in which he participated: 2 in Argentina and 4 in Brazil. Incredible numbers!!!

ApresentaçãoBut the top came with Multi BIS & BISS Multi Ch. Lake Park Sullivan, who won 104 Best in Shows all-breeds. He is the basset hound in the WORLD with the largest number of Best in Shows. In Brazil is the dog all-breeds with the largest number of Best in Shows all time. A winning career rarely achieved by other dogs in the world.

Always thinking about the improvement of the breed, the Lake Park made several imports. In 2004, the Danish Champion Scheel’s Love in the First Degree (Lola) arrived from Denmark. Lola came from one of the most respected Basset Hound breeders in the world: Scheel’s Bassets. In 2005, Alfa and Adria were imported, from the Kennel Rezihevyi Vig Domper, of Hungary, and Bassbarr Justice of England. In 2006, the Italian Bullet (Crossfire Della Luna Caprese) came to Brazil, imported from one of the breeders who strongly influenced the European breeding in the last 30 years. And in 2008 the Multi Ch. Hound’s Dream Inca, born in Argentina, came to aggregate qualities to our squad.

These are just some examples of dogs that appear in our pedigrees. But this is not all. We keep constantly updated about the breed and about the best options of mating, both in Brazil and abroad, for being excellence in the breeding of the Basset Hound.

The most important is the dogs get the best in care. Besides the constant supervision of their owners, the squad's Lake Park features:
- infrastructure and garden for playing;
- kennels designed to give comfort to dogs and equipped with air-conditioning;
- own veterinary clinical, exclusive and fully equipped for all care occur without displacement, minimizing risks from external contagion;
- besides the owners, staff with 3 people constantly trained;
- love and affection.

The dogs live with the breeders throughout their life, getting all required to have the best quality of life. This is all because they deserve it! Who has a basset hound knows that this is the least we can do for the unconditional love they give us.


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