Multi Ch. Lake Park Ulysses

Lake Park UlyssesTitles:
Junior Brazilian Champion
Brazilian Champion
Brazilian Grand Champion
Pan-American Champion
Pan-American Grand Champion

Co-ownership: Ruy Ramos

8 standings in Group VI (and Best of Group 1 times)

8 times Best of Breed


Brasil Nascimento 30/10/2008




MaquinaMulti Ch. Moonbeams Astronomer
MaquinaBIS BISS Multi Ch. Bewitch's Dreamer
MaquinaBIS BISS Multi Ch. Bewitch's Chloè
MaquinaMulti BISS Ch. Hound's Dream Inca
MaquinaMulti Ch. Fogo's Bartolo
MaquinaBISS Multi Ch. Bewitch's Manía
MaquinaArg.Ch. Bewitch's Valentina
MaquinaMulti Ch. Lake Park Ulysses
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MaquinaBr.Ch. Big Long Blue's Oh Susanna
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MaquinaBig-Long-Blue's Aruba

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